September 17, 2013

The Plan

Hello everyone: I secured a little spot for my future business venture 
here on the ol' web for now.
As a stay-at-home mom, do you ever feel like, man... I should be contributing to the family budget financially? It's hard, I know. A friend tried to encourage me with the things I do as a SAHM...
like my gardening.
But thinking about it later... it was like... 
"but that's just my hobby." 
I mean, our food garden does contribute to the family dining table, obviously.

I remember a segment on the PBSKids TV show, Arthur, of children visiting a farmers market and if my poor memory serves me right, the little girl purchased cut sunflowers because her mom liked them. 

Hey, maybe I could do the same? 

I mean, it wouldn't be that much work out in the garden (well, except I need to... y'know... become educated in sunflowers... and now... daisies...)  but the planting and the watering and the growing... can't be too difficult, right?

Further thinking about it, this idea would combine some money-earning powers with my hobby.

I saw a license plate not to long ago with the letters encrypted to read:
Daisy Jane 
I thought that was so cute and thought: 
Hey! I could name the business after my mom, Jane :)

But... I'm selling sunflowers....
Turns out sunflowers are a type of daisy!  (I think.)

But maybe I should sell daisies, too.
Just to be more clear :)

Using the letter 's' wasn't an option for a URL, so I decided on the 'z'
I think it's okay.
And memorable, maybe.

Hopefully, next summer, I will be on my way to getting things 
planted and growing for my flower garden 
and then start selling at the farmer's market at Station Park
in the fall of 2014. 

Okay :) Here goes!!